Sargasso - Unique landscape of DE

Chris - 9/15 12:55
"At Lewes, relative sea level is rising at a rate of about 3.16 millimeters a year — equal to the height of three stacked pennies. "
This adds up to about a foot a century.
This is important because it has been centuries since the area recieved major flooding.
This creeping of water effect may add to the problems of a storm surge if a hurricane hits.
Storm surge is temporary but the yearly sea level rise is not!

Chris - 9/15 1:05
Sussex county doesn't appear to be the worst spot for storm surge in Delaware.
Reguardless, if the storm surge hit 15 feet, which seems possible, then an evacuation of upto a mile
inland may be necessary in some places.
Also, many cities in Sussex county are located along the coast which adds to the problem.

Andreas: Excellent work, Chris. I would not worry about the 3 pennies, even when stacked up at that annual rate for 10 years. But what else should I worry that may add or subtract from the storm surge? Also, how are those predictions made? And how do past prediction of (much weaker) storms compare with observations?

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