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I strongly encourage you all to pursue this out-of-class meeting time either online, in person, or via video conferencing using the facilities available in Robinson Hall and Cannon Lab. The teams will stay together for this project, there will be two more projects, however, depending on how this goes we may (or may not) want to revisit the actual composition of the teams.

It usually takes about 2 weeks for the teams to establish themselves to find each other's strength and weaknesses. Ideally in a team these will balance, however, should this not happen, we may want to revisit team composition for the second of 3 projects that I have designed for this class.

More on this later. Just a quick response to your excellent suggestion, Brian.

Re: Regular meeting time? by MuenchowMuenchow, 11 Sep 2008 23:27
Team name?
bcpiercebcpierce 10 Sep 2008 03:13
in discussion Teams / Team-B » Team name?

Hi team,

Unless we want to remain 'Team B', I suggest we come up with a name!

Here are some ideas:

Oceanographic terms:
A short list:
An exhaustive list:

I scanned through these and I'm partial to:

Team Vorticity
Team Coriolis
Team Pelagic / Pelagia
Transatlantic / Team Transatlantic

Or being as the other team is Team Sargasso, how about other seas?
Here's a list:

None of the sea names jumped out at me, though.

Or, how about a Greek sea god name?

Team Poseidon
Team Oceanus
Team Nereus

Of all of these, I'm particularly partial to "Team Nereus" and "Team Vorticity". Thoughts?

Team name? by bcpiercebcpierce, 10 Sep 2008 03:13

Hi team,

I'm assuming that our team is going to stay together throughout the semester? If so, I propose a regular team meeting time and location at least once, possibly twice each week. Maybe we can do it in an online chatroom if meeting in person isn't practical?

Regular meeting time? by bcpiercebcpierce, 10 Sep 2008 02:39
MuenchowMuenchow 14 Aug 2008 16:34
in discussion Teams / Team-A » Welcome


Welcome by MuenchowMuenchow, 14 Aug 2008 16:34
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